When it comes to Unified Communications COMHOME can manage multiple vendor technologies to include but not limited to Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, Microsoft, and Nortel. As your partner, we can devise a strategic plan for implementing VOIP, tailored to your company’s budget. We can help you set up a system with rock-solid VoIP security and disaster recovery to keep your business running smoothly.

In-house or Hosted VoIP Solutions?

Deploying a VoIP solution onsite is popular among small/medium size businesses, but if you do not have or wish to keep VOIP equipment in-house then a hosted VoIP solution may be worth looking at. COMHOME can help determine your in-house capabilities versus the cost to use an outside vendor. Outsourcing VoIP services could affect uptime, utilization of your IT staff, and options for SIP-compliant phones.

Hosted VoIP routes calls by interconnecting with the public switched telephone network through a digital central office exchange service, and are a good option for connecting remote locations as well as voice calling, interactive conferencing and streaming video.