Data/Communications Structured Cabling:

A well designed and quality installed low voltage cabling infrastructure is an essential element for any well-designed network. Utilizing the latest technology and communications knowledge, your cabling system offers valuable support and the architecture for your company to run at its optimum best. Structured cabling systems have evolved to serve larger networks, across greater distances and at faster speeds, delivering more data at increased performance. Yet matching service and bandwidth requirements to your business goals, technology environment and expectations is still Coat of Arms main focus.

We service the Data and Telecommunications industry from both the Construction and Maintenance aspects.We provide quality end results and a pleasurable experience through customer service.


Developments in surveillance technology mean that solutions are more accessible to more businesses than ever before. There is a myriad of options available and we ensure that your business is equipped with the most suitable system by partnering with quality manufacturers.

From the classic Analog to the modern Digital, we can provide construction or maintenance services for any camera system. We will give you a system run-down start to finish, hardware, and software.

Network/IP Cameras, Analog Cameras, Mobile Apps, Network/Digital Video Recorders, Network Software, Remote Camera Control Systems


Residential Entertainment Centers, Commercial Sound and Media, or Event Set-up, we can connect your network in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Projectors, Sound System, TV Mounting