Computer Service DallasFrom playing games and paying bills to shopping online and sharing things with friends, you may think you don’t need a professional computer service to maintain your home computer. However, your home computer gets an excessive amount of use, which increases your risk of having photos, account numbers and log-in information being stolen and shared. Fortunately, you can make your home computer more secure by following these tips recommended by the professionals.

Pay Attention to Your Emails

You most likely have had a friend or family member ask you about a strange email that came from your account. Magical weight loss products, get rich quick schemes and even pornographic topics may have been the subject of these emails. Unfortunately, your email account has been either hacked or spoofed.

If you have been notified that these emails have been sent to others, check your email folders. In most cases, you will see these strange emails in your Sent folders. As soon as you realize these emails are being sent from your account, change your password immediately. Be sure to use a new password that contains various characters, including letters, numbers and symbols.

If you are unable to change your email’s password, a more involved treatment will be necessary because someone has hijacked your account. Try to log in to your email account from a different computer. If you are still unable to log in, contact your email provider to notify it of the issue. After verifying your identity through multiple steps, your email provider will be able to reset your password to prevent the hijacker from further access.

Protect Your Passwords

You should already understand the importance of your email account’s password, but you should also protect the passwords of your other online accounts. Change your passwords periodically, but make sure to use different passwords for each account. Use a mixture of letters, words, numbers and special symbols or characters. Consider changing the passwords to the following types of accounts that are appealing to identity thieves and hackers:

  • Online financial institutions: banks, credit cards and investment accounts
  • Online retailers
  • Online streaming services
  • Educational/work accounts: email, file sharing and other work/educational-related accounts

Install Protection

Your computer should also have the latest version of software and virus protection. To ensure your home computer is protected, consider consulting a computer service professional.

Technicians should install updated antivirus software, which protects your computer and personal information from potential viruses. In addition, your computer should have an updated firewall. Firewalls are essential elements to protect your computer since they create a virtual wall between your computer and potential thieves who want your information. A firewall should be installed on both your hardware and software for the ultimate in protection.

To learn more about adding security to your home computer, contact COMHOME Network Solutions at (866) 391-3898 for professional computer service in the Dallas area.

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