Computer Security Service Frisco TXSummer means packing up the kids (or just the laptop) and heading out in search of adventure and relaxation. While many of us are eager to leave our cares behind, almost all of us cringe at leaving our devices and connectivity in the dust. A wifi signal can seem like an oasis in the desert in our data-loving culture, however, you should use caution before hooking up with just any old hotspot. Unsecured public networks are great places to pick up a nasty virus and it’s one of the most common reasons people end up needing computer security service in Frisco, TX.  Here’s how individuals and employees can cut down on risk when traveling.

Avoid Public Networks
We know. This is a hard thing to abide by. When all you want to do is send an email or surf the net, the siren song of that nearby unsecured public network can seem impossible to ignore. Attackers who prey on public networks are counting on your lack of willpower, waiting for you to break down and hop on, so they can quickly snatch up your passwords and personal data, as well as download malicious programs to your system. It is not at all uncommon for hackers to create fake networks with similar sounding names to the hotel where you are staying.

Use Caution On Public Networks
Alright, so you couldn’t help yourself and put your hand in that cookie jar anyway. While you are on the public network, do yourself a favor and don’t access your social media accounts, or really any other account where your personal info may be stored. And of course, never, ever, not-even-just-this-once, log in to your bank or credit card accounts when on an unsecured public network.

Employees Should Use VPN
A VPN or Virtual Private Network provides secure connections for users. You can contact a computer security service if you need help setting up a VPN for your employees. The VPN will encrypt all of the data being transmitted during those sessions. You can also take advantage of your mobile phone and create a mobile hotspot. While the connection may not be as fast, the connection will be far more secure than that of a public network.  Be careful, though — the data used while tethered will count to your mobile data plan allowance!

If you want to protect your computer and personal information from hackers, whether at home or on the go, contact Comhome Network Solutions in Carrollton, TX at (866) 391-3898 for computer security service in Frisco, TX.

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