Carrollton TX Computer SupportWhether you use one for business or your family enjoys one at home, infections can wreak havoc on your computer, requiring extensive computer support. While you may know it is not functioning properly, a malware infection will show some key signs. If you are experiencing one or more of the following signs, your computer is most likely suffering with a malware infection.

Locked Up/Out

Most people have experienced their computer locking up while browsing the Internet at one point in time. However, if your computer is locking up or you have received a message saying you have been locked out, a malware virus has most likely infected your computer.

These lockup/lock out messages are known as ransomware and will supposedly “require” you to pay a certain fee to regain access to your computer. Avoid clicking on these messages and of course, never pay the “ransom.”


The majority of Internet browsers contain blockers that will prevent ads from popping up on your screen while surfing the Internet. If you are noticing these pop-ups when your browser is closed, it is most likely a sign of a malware infection.

If the pop-ups are advertising computer repair or help with viruses, this is definitely a sign that you probably have a virus. As soon as you notice these pop-ups, run an anti-spyware security scan on your computer to check and remove any malware viruses. If you are still noticing the pop-ups, consult computer support professionals in Carrollton, TX.

Spam Emails

Friends, family, and other contacts may message you saying they received strange emails from your account. These emails may be selling weight loss products, get rich quick scams, or computer repair help, but you most likely did not send these emails to your contacts. In most cases, these strange emails are a sign that your computer is infected with a malware virus.

If friends and family are notifying you of these spam emails or you notice them in your mailbox’s sent folder, use your security program to scan for viruses. If no issues were found, consider having your computer evaluated by a specialist. It is also smart to change the passwords to your email and social media accounts to prevent further damage or messages from being sent.

If you believe your computer could be infected with a malware virus, contact COMHOME Network Solutions at (866) 391-3898 for computer support in Carrollton TX and we will make sure your computer is virus-free.

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